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TPS Cashier

Straight Through Processing for Walk-up Payments


Billers often maintain remittance processing operations for mailed-in payments but find themselves manually processing in-person payments received at cashiering windows. This adds complexity and cost to the overall process.

RP Solutions addresses this inefficiency by unifying all incoming payment channels into a single automated workflow. TPS Cashier accepts all types of over-the-counter payments then transmits them to our cloud-based Transaction Processing Services (TPS) Platform, where they are consolidated with payments from other incoming channels.

Consolidated Transaction Workflow
With TPS Cashier, walk-in payments from across your organization may be consolidated for consistent processing. Your back office operations can monitor the workflow and handle exceptions by logging into the TPS Platform. Check image deposit files are generated for transmission to your bank. Scanned images are archived and available for research.

Credit Card
Credit Card
Debit Card
Debit Card
Front Counter Solution
TPS Cashier supports a variety of scanners allowing cashiers to capture checks and remittance documents. The system automatically determines the transaction type and extracts the payment data. It may be used with a variety of point-of-sale devices including a merchant terminal for real-time processing of credit/debit card payments. When a transaction is complete, the information is securely uploaded to the TPS Platform for processing.

Payment Types
Accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards, money orders and credit vouchers

Data Extraction
Automatically reads and extracts data from scanned documents and checks

Verify and update customer account information in real-time using a web service call to your billing system

Suspend, resume, adjust, void or reverse transactions

Payment Processing
Generate a check image deposit file for posting to your bank account

Scanning Devices
Cashiers can easily scan remittance documents and checks using full page scanners, dedicated check scanners or multifunction POS devices

Custom Transaction Types
Define unique transactions and processing rules for utility bills, DMV renewals, occupation licenses, etc.

Cashier Balancing
Conduct daily or end of shift cash drawer balancing using supervisor and cashier functions

Reports and Extracts
Produce reports and data file extracts for updating internal systems

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