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MirrorImage PPS

A cost-effective check imaging solution that will revolutionize your institution by reducing overhead, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing workforce productivity.


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There are many benefits to scanning and electronic posting of your payments, but the two biggest are time savings and customer service. Electronic processing will reduce the time CSR's take manually entering the payments. With electronic processing companies remove the valuable time used to follow the paper trail to research keystroke errors.

MirrorImage PPS is comprised of a suite of easy-to-use, yet technologically advanced, application modules perfect for corporations as well as financial institutions. These powerful and affordable modules can be purchased as a bundle or separately, depending on your specific requirements.  The functionality and flexibility built into the MirrorImage PPS system enables you to seamlessly expand your capabilities and migration options as your institution's needs evolve.

MirrorImage PPS can be configured to handle several different item processing environments including (but not limited to):


Checks and payment documents are stacked by transaction and fed through the scanner for imaging and information capture. The system uses MICR, CAR/ LAR, ICR, OCR, and/or Barcode to recognize data. This data is then used to populate the required fields for the accounting system and to create the electronic deposit.

MI Payment Processing can detect check boxes, compare fields, verify presence of data in fields and invoke actions based on information read. If there is information on the payment coupon, MirrorImage Payment Processing can interpret that data and take action based on the custom defined requirements.

The transactions are quickly balanced and a click of the mouse exports the correctly formatted file for your accounting system regardless of the system provider. Then another click of the mouse sends your electronic deposit to your bank.

"Girard’s has not only automated our entire accounts receivables processing function, it has also significantly reduced the time and effort required to process payments."

New Richmond Utilities, WI

Customer service enhanced
  • The information and images are stored and available for research
  • Images and information can be searched from any computer
  • Deposits can be made any time of the day (note: most banks have cut-off times for same day credits)
  • Deposits can be made by each department or lumped into one deposit for the organization
  • Multiple accounts can be scanned and tracked with one or multiple scanners
Reduce staff time
  • No need to create a deposit ticket for the bank
  • With the full accounts receivable conversion time is reduce when entering data payment information into the accounts receivable system
Reduced transportation cost
  • Courier fees and/or trips to the bank are reduced or eliminated
  • Electronic deposits clear the banking system faster
  • Ensures quicker access to deposited funds
  • Faster notification of returned checks
Bank fees are generally less for electronic deposits than for physical deposits
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MirrorImage PPS can be customized to your needs.  Some of the modules are listed below:
Allows the operator to retrieve data and images from MirrorImage PPS
MIResearch Browser
Allow the operator to retrieve data and images via a Microsoft Internet Explorer interface
Import and print statement files from host processor
Barcode Recognition
Adds the ability to recognize bar-coded information
Accounting Interface
Provides a customer formatted output for your accounting software
X9.37 Outgoing
Image cash letter for the bank or processor
X9.37 Incoming
Retrieve and import images from your processor
FedReceipt Plus for Returns
Import returns from the Federal Reserve
IRD Print
Print image return documents (IRD)
Internet Banking Interface
Provide images to your internet banking system
Host Image Presentment
Provide images to host system
CD/DVD Archive
Provide back-up protection to either a single CD-R/W or DVD drive or a CD-Jukebox
CD/DVD Distribution
Provides customers with the ability to retrieve data and images from the MirrorImage PPS database based on any field captured on the information line. This application also provides customers with the ability to view and print image statements from the CD/DVD
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