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Self-Serve Payment Kiosk

Lock in the dollars ‑ Lock out the fraud

With the continuation of decreasing budgets many offices have had to adopt automated solutions for repetitive service offerings.  Payment kosks offer several self‑serve kiosks that provide proven, cost‑effective delivery for most mainstream transactions.

Kiosk are designed as a customizable solution to provide valued services for self‑serve payments.  Enhance your customer's service experience with a convenient, safe, time saving payment kiosk.

The kiosk can be use in one or multiple departments.  Look up the bill by customer or bill information or with a simple scan of the barcode.  If you need a payment, the kiosk can handle it.

Accepted Payment Options …
How can self‑pay kiosks help your organization?
Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Central or remote placement
  • Up to 24/7 access
  • Accept payments for multiple departments
Free your staff to work on other projects
Help minimize customer wait times during busy periods
Cashier‑free payment processing
Provide multiple forms of payment for customer convenience
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Cash
  • ... any combination of the above
Customer account identification
  • Scans bill bar code for automated lookup
  • Touch‑Screen for manual lookup
Automatically report and audit all activity
  • Posting file for batch updates to billing system
  • Electronic deposit file for checks
  • Reports

Styles may change without notice

I = Included            O = Optional            NA = Not Available
Description Desktop Pedestal Thru‑Wall Vault
Cabinet & Kiosk Pro custom interface application I I I I
17" Touch screen flush with unit I I I I
Secured Access I I I I
Batch data processing (uploads of client data & posting file generation) I I I I
Real‑time data processing (data lookup & payment posting) O O O O
Multiple Departments (per additional department)
Second lock (provides for 2‑person controlled entry) O O O O
Bar code reader O O I I
Camera to capture single frame user photos O O O O
Thermal receipt printer O I I I
Ability to email receipts I I I I
Ability to accept credit cards ( Kiosk Pro processing) I I I I
Ability to accept credit cards (credit card reader) O I I I
Credit cards ‑ use client's processor (1X + 20%/add) O O O O
Ability to accept e‑checks (Kiosk Pro processing) I I I I
Ability to scan checks (capture image & MICR data) NA O O O
E‑checks/ACH ‑ use client's processor (1X + 20%/add) O O O O
Ability to receive cash (bills, locking cassette) NA O O O
Ability to dispense cash (bills, locking cassettes)* NA NA NA O
Ability to dispense cash (coins)* NA NA NA O
Outdoor facing NA NA I O
Custom vinyl full color graphic wrap (3' w x 6' h) O O O I
Vinyl logo full color graphic (maximum 18"x 18") NA O O I

All specs can change without notice

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