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eLockbox Pro

eLockbox Pro | Bill Pay Solution

Process the incoming bill pay (internet) checks with ease

Banks offer online bill payment to its customers to virtually any biller from the bank's website. In most cases, the bank (or a check printing originator) generates a paper check and it mailed to the biller. This typically takes about four to six days for the biller to receive their customer's payment. If the customer does not allow for the additional time necessary when initiating the online payment, it could result in late fees or service cutoffs.

eLockbox Pro provides a single connection point where you will receive your payments electronically.  This will give you the benefit of receiving payments faster thereby increasing cash flow, eliminate the need to manage multiple electronic payment connections and reduce operating cost.

  • Provides a single connection to the vast majority of industry providers, avoiding the inconvenience of multiple connections.
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies and expense of paper check processing.
  • Automatically edits customer account information according to your specifications.
  • Offers routing and settlement typically within 24 hours.
Customer pays bill online at the bank website
Customer's bank debits customer's account and sends credit ACH to MasterCard RPPS
MasterCard RPPS sends ACH to Federal Reserve and a file to eLockbox
Arrow FPB
Federal Reserve forwards ACH to the biller's bank
Arrow Arrow
eLockbox receives payment file and places it on a secure website. Email notification is sent to biller
Biller's bank credits biller's account
Payment file is downloaded by biller and posted to customer's AR balance
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