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Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit

Fast and convenient way to deposit checks from anywhere at any time

With Mobile Deposit Financial Institutions can give customers and business clients the freedom to deposit checks on their own schedules, anywhere, anytime with only a smartphone or tablet. Through a custom branded application, users simply snap pictures of their endorsed checks and submit them for processing.

Mobile Deposit
Deposit in just three steps: enter amount, photograph front and back, and submit.
Convenient: Customers can deposit checks from anywhere, at anytime.
Deposit Verification: Jaguar's technology helps you better identify check fraud with real-time review and control over check approval with features customized to your needs.
Secure: Two-factor login authentication, data encryption on phone and en route to safe server.
Accurate: Captures and optimizes images and automatically extracts payment data.
Check 21 Compliant: Ensures images pass only after satisfying rigorous quality standards.
Easy to Download and Use.
Multi-Account Capable: User can deposit into one of several accounts.
State-of-the-art Encryption:  Strong protection to keep you data secure.
Financial Institution Approved Image Standards:  Front and rear check photographs automatically verified and converted.
Review history:  Recent deposits viewable on phone (if financial institution policy permits).

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