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Glory Mach 9 Coin Sorter Counter (Refurbished)


By automating coin processing, you can release employees to focus on revenue generating and customer facing activities and reduce errors while simultaneously increasing their job satisfaction.

The Mach 9e is a high speed, heavy duty coin sorter, specifically designed for high volume processing centers where throughput and reliability is critical. Perfect for financial processing centers, vending, transportation companies and gaming houses, the Mach 9e delivers unrivalled performance, accuracy and productivity.

Unmatched throughput Throughput is the truest measure of productivity and can only be achieved when a coin counter runs uninterrupted. The Mach 9's patented sorting system ensures trouble free operation and unrivalled performance.

Ease of use An easy to read LCD graphic display provides clear function status and operational messages. Selectable bag stops, batch, sub, grand totals are easily accessed via the direct keypad. Full travel keys enable easy and quick data entry. Patented quick release bag attachments make it easier and faster for operators to remove and replace bags as they fill.

Efficient The standard Management Information Control System (MICS) provides three levels of memory and allows other media – such as checks, vouchers or bulk coin to be entered via keypad. Notes can be entered manually or automatically transferred if note counter is interfaced, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail.

Processing speed
6000 coins per minute
(0.7" / 18 mm)
Coin size range
Diameter: 0.6" to 1.3"
(15.0 to 32.5 mm)
Thickness: 0.04" to 0.12"
(1.0 to 3.0 mm)
Differential: 0.02" minimum
(0.5 mm)
Sorting capability
Inspection pan
Extended pan – 10,000 coins
(0.7" / 18 mm) depending upon coin mix
Coin feed capacity (internal hopper)
10,000 coins
(0.7" / 18 mm)
Operating languages
Exact bag stops
5" Full color graphic
Tactile, rubber coated
Included interfaces and controls
Printer, note counter, PC, and remote display.
ID numbers up to 199, Fee assessment, manual entry of media or note values.
2 × RS232
1 × USB-B micro
1 × RJ 11 printer; all standard
Power supply
90 – 264V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
720W in use / 30W on standby
Noise level
84.3 db(A) in use
Dimensions (H × W × D)
41" × 27" × 28.7" (without printer)
(1041 × 685 × 731mm)
198.5lbs. / 90 kg
Manufacturing standards and approvals
Security features
Data is held in non-volatile memory in the event of power failure
Programmable key lock limits data access
Token, non-round coin, etc. subject to review
Thermal printer
Remote display
Tamper evident security doors
Inspection pan magnet for debris removal with non-magnetic coin sets (Not applicable for Euro)
Dual bagging up to four denominations depending on coin set

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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