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Binatek BN3300AS Coin Counter

Binatek BN3300AS Coin Counter

High speed coin counter with automatic reject of tokens, foreign and fake coins

BN3300AS is able to identify, count and sort the coins, it can identify at most 20 kinds of denominations, also it has one reject pocket for fake and foreign coins.

  • Approx.600 coins / min
  • Can Sort up to 5 different Coins at the same time
  • Can be customized to sort foreign coins
  • Equipped with alloy sensors to detect fake and foreign coins
  • LCD Display ensures easy operation of the machine
  • Alloy Sensor for accurate batch counting and detection of foreign coins
  • Comes with a set of bags or a set of tubes
  • Additional hopper that can hold up to 3600pcs
  • Sorting Speed:
    Approx.600 coins / min
    Hopper Capacity:
    Approx.600 pcs
    Extended Hopper Capacity:
    Approx.3600 pcs
    Suitable Sorting Coin Range:
    Diameter 14 - 31 mm
    Thickness ≦ 3.5 mm
    1-5 different kinds of coins
    LCD Display
    Machine Dimension:
    20.08 × 11.02 × 12.60 inches
    35.27 lbs
    Power Consumption:
    Power Supply:
    AC 120V ± 10%, 60Hz
    AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz

    All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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