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Billcon D551 Discriminator

D551 Discrimination Currency Counting

Denomination recognition, rugged durability and lighting‑fast 1,200 notes per minute speed . . . you get all these features and more in one heavy duty machine.

Counting Modes:
Mixed Mode ‑ Identifies and counts mixed denomination bills, providing an error‑free summary of each denomination and/or the total count.
Single Mode ‑ Counts a specific denomination.  Bills of a different denomination are fed to the pocket.
Separation Mode ‑ Counts a specific denomination.  When a bill of a different denomination is detected, the machine temporarily stops.  When the bills are removed from the stacker, counting resumes.
Single and Directional Mode ‑ Detects the denomination and orientation of the first bill, and counts only bills of the same denomination and orientation.  Other bills are fed to the pocket.
Direction Mode ‑ Selects and counts bills in any of four specific orientations (face / back and Left / right) without interrupting totaling.  Bills of a different orientation are feed to the pocket.   Convenient for organizing the orientation of bills
Free Mode ‑ Piece counting
Total value
(7 digits)
Value by denominations
(6 digits)
Value by denominations newly issued
(6 digits)
US Dollar (six denominations excluding $2)
Counting Speed:
High: 1200 notes per minute
Low:  600 notes per minute
Preset Batch:
100, 50, 25, 20, 10
(manually adjustable from 1‑999)
Liquid crystal dot matrix display (graphic type)
Hopper Capacity:
500 bills
Stacker Capacity:
200 bills
Pocket Capacity:
100 bills
Suspicious Note Detection:
Magnetic sensors
13.0 x 13.4 x 12.0 in
(W x D x H)  (excluding hopper guide)
29.7 lbs
Power Consumption:
90 W
Power Supply:
AC 100 to 120 V

*** Specifications subject to change without notice ***

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