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SC 303/313 Coin Wrappers

Scan Coin SC313 Coin Wrappers


With counting speeds up to 2,700 coins/minute, the SC 303 and SC 313 are real time-savers.
Reliable for banking, retail, amusement and other businesses that need to count, verify or bag coins or tokens.

  • Microprocessor controlled with non-volatile memory for storing all vital data--no battery backup required.
  • Three memory levels with a subtotal, grand total and a separate bag count memory.
  • Electronic sensor with no moving parts for accurate counting.
  • Easy to use with two clearly marked denomination selector knobs controlling diameter and thickness setting.
  • Model 313 is equipped with automatic coin hopper volume 3000 cc. Model 303 has a tilting tray.
  • Pre-programmed stops, up to 7 different values, with manual override, from 1-10,999 and infinity.
  • Automatic disc reverse for jam clearing and shut off when no more coins are detected.
  • Small coin off-set allows separation of mixed denominations.
  • High speed--up to 2,700 coins/minute.
  • Standard machine has settings for all six denominations (SBA, 50c,25c,10c,5c,1c) and can be easily adjusted to dia.55-1.33"(14-34mm).
  • Easy to read six digit green LED display.
  • SC303 comes with carrying handle as standard for easy portability.
Scan Coin SC303 Coin Wrappers
SC303 shown with optional PT025 Packaging Insert
  • Side bagging attachment (included with machine).
  • Guides for filing small bags (use together with adapter).
  • Adapter for insert holder/wrapping inserts or guides.
  • Insert holder for wrapping inserts.
  • Wrapping inserts for Scan Tubes and gun shells.
  • Color-coded wrapping inserts for flat wrappers, gun shells and Scan Tubes.
  • Large reject tray, volume 1,600 cc.
  • Hopper Extension kit for sc313 volume of hopper 4,800 cc with hopper extension kit.
Coin Speed
Up to 2700 coins per minute
Coin / Token Diameter Range
.55-1.33" (14-34mm)
Coin Thickness Range
.04-.13" (1-3.4mm)
120 VAC 60 Hz
Dimensions SC303:
9" W x12.8" D x 6.5" H (stored)
9" W x 19.3" D x 9" H (in use)
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Dimensions SC313:
10.3 W x 15" D x 12.2" H
Weight: 23 lbs

*** Specifications subject to change without notice ***

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