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Wycom Wysign


The check signer on a stick that is simple and secure.

WySign physically separates the check signing and printing functions for optimal security. And it eliminates the noise, messy signature plates and cumbersome operation of mechanical check signers — turning your desktop printer into a fast, secure and quiet check signer.

Extremely secure. Signatures are encrypted on the WySign USB key, using custom signature backgrounds that discourage duplication or alteration. When it comes to controlling end user access, you make the call: choosing which users can create check overlays, sign checks, or print reports.

Simple to set up. A graphical interface eliminates the need to measure for signature alignment. Just print the WySign grid on your check and set up signature placement at a glance.

Easy to use. Insert the WySign USB drive into any computer. Log in with a secure user name and password, choose your check overlay, specify how many checks to sign, and WySign does the rest.

Simple to audit. An audit log accounts for every check signed — so you always know who signed checks, when, and which overlays and signatures they used.

Flexible. Use the WySign USB key on any computer you choose, without installing software. WySign supports an unlimited number of check overlays and signatures, making it easy to customize check signing to your needs.

Printer-compatible. WySign works with nearly any printer on the market — which means you can use it with nearly any printer in your office.

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