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Credit Union's Check Processes:  Simple and Secure

Security you can count on. No more worries about storing check stock across branches – just print to blank secure check stock on any network printer. With centralized control, your check forms and signatures are secure on the Enterprise hardware.

Spend less time and money on check processes and improve security with WyChecks— the credit union check signing, MICR laser check printing and archiving solution. It's simple, secure and powered for high-volume environments on the new Enterprise hardware —able to handle the most graphics intensive check files.

The browser-based administrator panel makes WyChecks management simple. You can add new signatures or forms via secure download.  And since it's compatible with the latest operating system releases, you avoid the costs and downtime of OS updates.


WyChecks provides all of the check signing, printing and archiving features your credit union's needs in a single solution, including:
Browser-based simplicity. The browser-based administrator panel is your virtual key to easy and efficient and secure management of your Enterprise solution.
Tremendous security. Enterprise securely stores valuable signatures, logos, check overlays and user accounts on the hardware – not on your system. Browser-based log-in is protected by passwords, and you can allow different levels of access for administrators, supervisors and users.
Multiple printer support. WyChecks offers you the ability to support an unlimited number of check printers. Just add them as needed to your network.
Unequaled security. Our exclusive key control security system means only authorized staff can print and sign checks. No passwords for hackers to discover or staff to lose or inadvertently divulge. View our full list of security benefits.
Flexible options. Automate check signing with your current check printers or take the next step and begin laser printing your checks using blank laser check stock. We can even convert dot matrix data to laser quality output with our Dot Matrix Conversion option.
Fraud protection. The check amount is a forge-resistant graphic (not simple text), reducing your risk of fraud. WyChecks can even suppress signatures or void checks when amounts exceed your pre-determined dollar limits.
WyChecks Print Sample
Better control. WyChecks centralizes check signing control for all of your branches, securing your valuable check forms and signatures on the WyChecks unit.
Improved efficiency. WyChecks signs and prints a negotiable check in one pass, automatically routing checks to the right branch location printer on your network.
Automatic archival. WyChecks can instantly store check images as PDFs to your existing imaging system – cutting paper costs, eliminating manual scanning, saving storage space, and speeding check retrieval.
Cost savings. Eliminate the high costs of pre-printed check stock by using WyChecks to print to blank safety paper. Print any check type to any printer on your network without changing stock – and avoid the worries of securely storing checks in multiple branches.
Simple set-up. WyChecks requires no mechanical downtime and no new software to learn. We program your unit at the factory to your specifications. You simply connect it to your network and you're ready to go.
Easy administration. Need to add new forms or signatures? Use our integrated encryption software to download them to your unit. And since WyChecks is pre-compatible with the latest operating system releases, you'll avoid the costs and downtime of operating system upgrades.
... and much much more
Check Signing:
  • Supports unlimited network printers through Wycom Enterprise hardware
  • Provides centralized, secure laser check printing and/or check signing
  • Built-in logical print server
  • Browser-based log-in and administrator panel
  • Able to archive non-negotiable .PDF check images for easy storage and retrieval
  • Uses secure blank check stock (with MICR check printing option) or pre-printed check stock
  • Automatically prints and signs checks in a single pass
  • Allows up to 3 signatures per check
  • Signature titles and backgrounds available
  • Allows optional protected amount-only printing (when you do not want a signature)
  • Supports unlimited accounts (e.g., share draft, loan, cashier's check, money order, accounts payable, purchase order, etc.)
  • Allows audit count of signed checks, voided checks, or all checks
  • Uses secure user log-in for enhanced security
  • Suppresses signatures for checks exceeding pre-determined dollar amount
  • Adds forgery-resistant protected graphic amount while printing
  • Provides amount limits (e.g. add signature at amount, suppress signature at amount, VOID at amount)
  • Produces manual check without a computer if your computer system is down
  • Eliminates signature plates, rubber stamps and mechanical check signers
  • Provides a simple upgrade path for dot matrix customers to allow for laser check printing
MICR Laser Check Printing:
  • Adds forms, graphics, logos, signatures and MICR information
  • Able to archive non-negotiable .PDF check images for easy storage and retrieval
  • PDF image files can be indexed for import into most imaging platforms
  • Operates with HP-compatible PCL5 laser printers
  • Saves money by using blank secure check stock instead of pre-printed check stock
  • Eliminates the need for separate pre-printed check stock for each bank account
  • Prints a MICR line which meets ABA specifications (with MICR toner cartridge)
  • Supports company and bank logos, forms, and graphics
  • Can print check copies with "COPY" in place of signature and "NON-NEGOTIABLE" in MICR line
  • Secure blank check stock can be pulled from alternate trays
  • Prints check numbers (even for customers who do not send check numbers)
  • Check numbers are always in sequence
  • No checks to void when printer jams
  • Auto sense feature automatically recognizes which check form to print
Image Archiving:
  • Able to archive non-negotiable .PDF check images for easy storage and retrieval
  • Converts data transparently as it's printed
  • Works with MICR Laser Check Printing or Dot Matrix to Laser Conversion (dot matrix output not supported)
  • Requires Windows 2000 (or greater) PC
  • Data output must be PCL5 compatible
  • No computer hardware or software changes required
  • Works with any HP-compatible laser printer supporting PCL5
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Print server supports NetBIOS, LPR/LPD and Direct TCP (Raw 9100) networking protocols
Each WyChecks unit includes:
  • 2 signatures
    • Additional signatures, custom logo prefixes, applications, and network printing licenses available for an additional charge
  • 2 check account/applications (e.g. share, loan, cashier's, accounts payable, etc.)
  • 1 print station license
  • MICR laser check printing
  • Dot matrix to laser conversion

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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