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DI100 Cut Sheet Check Signer

DI100 Cut-Sheet Check Signer

Ideal for imprinting signatures, seals or logos, dating documents or endorsing checks

DI‑100 is ideal for signing and endorsing different size documents. Dual key locks and both a resettable and non‑resettable counter is included for maximum controls, four pre‑programmed job settings.
Tri‑Color signature
Latch‑Load Plate Holder
Allows for a variety of imprint designs such as signature, endorsements, seals, and logos with either the standard or optional oversized imprint plate
Imprints can be placed virtually anywhere on the document
Easily adapts to a single part document in a wide range of lengths, widths and weights
Ease of Operation
External dial allows for "On the fly" ink roller adjustment
Imprint plate loading is made easy with latch‑load plate holder
Imprint location is easily adjusted while imprinting documents
Reliable Accuracy
Automatic alignment feature assures accurate imprint location
Bottom feed assures proper sequencing of documents and reloading during operation
Dual key/lock controls provide maximum control over the imprinting function
Non‑Resettable counter counts imprints only when imprinting function is activated via the Imprint Key
All metal construction with tamper‑proof screws provides total security
Executive key/lock prevents unauthorized access to imprint plates
Optional Tri‑color ink roll provides added security to each impression
12" x 19.5" x 9.5" (L x W x H)
Form Size
3" to 14" x 2.78" to 14" (L x W)
Form Weight
18 to 125lb bond
Imprint Location
Anywhere within specified paper size
Maximum Imprint Size
Standard size ‑ .875" x 3"
Optional size ‑ 1.875" x 3" (Requires two plates)
300 Documents per minute
40 lbs
115V, 60HZ

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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