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Girard's now features a large range of autonomous robots

These high-tech solutions allow you to reallocate precious employee resources by giving the time-consuming, back breaking , tedious chores to "these guys". They don't mind, in fact they don't complain about anything. They happily work up to 12 hours a day (on a single charge), can work anytime day or night and they don't even understand the concept of overtime. They work autonomously, navigate on their own without fear of collision.

Cleaning Robots

Autonomous industrial cleaning robots will assist your organization in the cleaning of your floors.  Vacuuming, mopping, and UV disinfecting are some of the features the of cleaing robots.  These robot maintains shining floors - all on their own.

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Delivery Robots

Need help with delivery of food or bussing the tables? We have variety of delivery robots for you needs.

These robots aren't only for food delivery, they can guide your patrons to their destination or securly deliver items to the end user.

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Food Assistant Robots

We have a couple of robots that will assist with meal preperation and feeding.

Obi is a assistive feeding device helps restore the dignity to those struggling with issues caused by disease or dimminished use of upper extremities.

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Our letter openers offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Our mill end cut or open edge machines will not harm contents of envelope.

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folding automation

Folding paper by hand is a tedious, inefficient task that can be automated by a folder, inserter or sealer. For 30+ years Girard’s has provided many organizations the optimal machine for folding, inserting or pressure sealing.

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forms automation

Laser / MICR forms creation software for checks, invoices, purchase orders and more. Uses current accounting software and blank stock. Built-in reporting and security with email delivery capability.

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Where do you need optimization with collecting payments?

Unify all incoming payment channels into a single automated workflow. Walk-in payments from across your organization may be consolidated for consistent processing.

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Automate the data entry of receivables through the use of a desktop scanner.

Share the workload! One operator can scan the payment while another in the office or at a remote site balances the transactions.

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Using a self-serve payment kiosk will help reduce the customer line at the counter and offer a safe acceptance of credit cards.

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