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4 in 1 Currency Authenticator

4 in 1 Currency Authenticator

See things in a whole new light...

Using ultraviolet light or the white fluorescent back light to detect various banknote security features, the MAG II 4 in 1 Currency Authenticator is a simple, cost-effective device for determining the authenticity of banknotes.


  • Currency authentication using both ultraviolet and white fluorescent lamps
    (Note: Many world currencies incorporate security features that can be easily checked and verified using either ultraviolet or white light.)
  • Electronic selenium rectifier for quiet, efficient operation
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • How the Authenticator Works:

    With Old Style US Notes

    • White Light will indicate mylar strip in the note.
    • UV Light will indicate paper does not reflect UV light.

    With New Style US Notes

    • White light will indicate mylar strip (left side) and watermark of the President (right side).
    • UV Light will indicate paper does not reflect UV light.
    • Mylar strip will glow under UV light (different color for each denomination).

    U.S. Banknote Authentication Procedures

    1. For all notes: Check to see if the paper glows. Turn on the UV lamp and check to see if the paper glows. If it does, reject the note.
    2. For newer style notes (series 1996 and later with off-center portrait): Check the security thread under the UV lamp. The thread should glow according to the colors shown in Figure A. Caution: the glowing thread must be visible from both sides of the note. If not glow is visible, go to Procedure 3.
      Special procedure for new style $100 bill glows a very faint red. Look carefully, holing the note closer to the UV light source if necessary. If you still cannot see the red glow, go to Procedure 3.
    3. For newer style notes only (series dated earlier that 1996 and later with off-centered portrait): Check for watermark. Turn the white fluorescent lamp on and check for presence of a watermark (Figure B). If not visible from both sides of the note, reject the note.
    4. For old style notes (all series dated earlier than 1996): Check for security thread presence. Turn on the white fluorescent lamp. The security thread should be visible (Figure C). IF not, check to see if the series date is pre-1990. If it is, cross check again closely using Procedure 1 before accepting or rejecting the note.
    d501_a.gif (17248 bytes)

    A - series 1996 and later

    d501_b.gif (17054 bytes)

    B - series 1996 and later

    d501_c.gif (13505 bytes)

    C - series 1990 through 1995

    d501_d.gif (11742 bytes)

    The 4 in 1 will verify . . .
    Driver's Licenses, Photo Id's,
    Credit Cards, and Traveler's Checks

    d501_e.gif (11817 bytes)

    *These procedures are recommendations only, Magner assumes no responsibility for the misidentification of a genuine note or failure to identify a counterfeit note through their application. Risk of accepting counterfeit notes, credit cards or IDs will be reduced if procedures are applied in a consistent fashion.

    NOTE:  Federal Law requires all Financial Institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

    Power Source:
    110VAC or 210/220/230V
    Power Consumption:
    Fluorescent - 12W heavy-duty
    H-type white tube
    UV - 12W heavy-duty H-type ultraviolet tube
    10.94" x 5.91" x 5.67" (L x D x H)
    1.1 Lbs. (0.5 Kg.)

    *** Specifications subject to change without notice ***

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