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Binatek BN3300 Coin Counter

Binatek BN3300 Coin Counter

High speed multi-demonination coin counter

BN3300 is able to identify, count and sort the coins, it can identify at most 20 kinds of denominations.

  • Approx.600 coins / min
  • Can Sort up to 5 different Coins at the same time
  • Can be customized to sort foreign coins
  • LCD Display ensures easy operation of the machine
  • Comes with a set of bags or a set of tubes
  • Additional hopper that can hold up to 3600pcs
  • hopper

    Sorting Speed:
    Approx.600 coins / min
    Hopper Capacity:
    Approx.600 pcs
    Extended Hopper Capacity:
    Approx.3600 pcs
    Suitable Sorting Coin Range:
    Diameter 14 - 31 mm
    Thickness ≦ 3.5 mm
    1-5 different kinds of coins
    LCD Display
    Machine Dimension:
    20.08 × 11.02 × 12.60 inches
    35.27 lbs
    Power Consumption:
    Power Supply:
    AC 120V ± 10%, 60Hz
    AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz

    All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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