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Maverick Mx-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder

Magner MX3 Touch

A standard keyboard for quick entry and a Touch screen for navigation

The process of encoding exception items at the point-of-entry enables production oriented work groups such as proof/item processing departments to operate at peak efficiency. Items that cannot be posted as part of the normal financial presentment such as suspect items, signature verification, large dollar items, non-sufficient funds (NSF), and missing MICR data can be encoded with the Mx-Touch to fully qualify the exception item.

The Mx-Touch Exception Item Encoder provides full function programmability for maximum flexibility.

Program a variable length field when you want and eliminate the cost and lost time associated with programming changes.

With state-of-the-art circuitry and a stout mechanical design, the Mx-3 Touch eliminates downtime. The Touch meets or exceeds the rigid ANSI MICR specifications for MICR encoding and features a ribbon cartridge that is simple to change with absolutely no mess. This unit is lightweight, compact and is a perfect fit for a small work center.

  • Programmable through Touch display
  • Programmable function tiles - up to 128 functions
  • Multiple encode screens give clean appearance.
  • Select Encode screen by swiping or touching icon
  • Easy to follow program password protection
  • Auto-Incrementing serial numbers
  • Auto-Repeat encoding
  • Floating On-Us feature
  • Single pass full field encoding
  • Customer named Tiles for simplified User operation
  • Dog-Ear detection
  • Ribbon out detection
  • Robust keyboard design
  • Software calibrated sensors
  • On-Board advanced diagnostics and test modes
  • Encodes Single/Multipart Documents
  • 3 x 4 full color Touch screen
  • Self-contained Ribbon Cartridge
  • Standard Document Auto Eject
  • Future Upgradeability
  • Touch Display Interface
  • Fixed & Variable Fields
  • Auto Incrementing Exception Fields
  • Full Field Encode
  • Template (Tile) Encoding
  • Repeat Encode
  • Acct. # with CDV/CDG option
  • ABA # with CDV/CDG option
  • USB Download Capability
  • Speed
    45 dpm
    (L x W x H)
    13.25 x 8.0 inches x 3.5"
    (33.7 x 20.32 x 8.89 cm)
    4.25 pounds (1.93 kg)
    3 x 4 full color touch screen
    Average yield of 25,000 - 30,000 characters
    100-240 VAC, in-line desktop
    Non-Volatile, FLASH ROM
    Encode Capability
    Single, multi, or 65 character full field
    E13B (other fonts available)

    All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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