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CheXpress CX30

Digital Check CheXpress CX30 Check Scanner

The first bank quality scanner that does not compromise on features or functions yet is priced for the small business market.

Fast, Affordable, Quiet, and Quality.

CheXpress® provides the high quality image capture capabilities required for remote deposit capture while adding a number of usability and energy efficient enhancements for support of small business banking customers. CheXpress® is ideal for the current demands of the small business, merchant POS, or low volume teller.

The CheXpress® scanner uses less desk space in comparison to other check scanners and its fool proof design ensures operators can make remote deposits quickly and accurately every time. Features include a scan and return paper path, front and back image cameras, bi-directional MICR read technology that maximizes data accuracy, automatic image rotation and specialized money order image processing. This energy efficient check scanner supports green initiatives with low power consumption and remote shutdown capabilities. The scanner is fast and very quiet, an additional benefit for small and home office environments. Download the product literature to see the full list of features available on the CheXpress CX30.

  • One of the smallest footprints in the class
  • Fastest scan times in class (< 1 second - straight thru, < 2 seconds - return mode)
  • Best Read Image® for highest image quality
  • Best Read MICR® for magnetic and OCR MICR reading accuracy
  • Dual 300 dpi CCD scan heads
  • Bi-tonal, gray scale, and color scanning
  • Scan & return mode, or straight pass through for flexibility and placement
  • Small footprint, for space savings
  • 50% less power consumption than current models (CEC IV) - "Green" friendly
  • Auto-start & auto shutoff for power savings
  • Print Before and/or After Imaging
  • Made in America
  • FCC Class B - for residential small business use
  • Clearer images, significantly less cleaning
  • Saves time and works well in any office
  • Adjust the magnetic read on the 2nd pass for weak MICR signal (laser printed checks), higher accuracy of MICR capture
  • Ergonomically easier to use
  • Keeps dirt and debris out of the scanner, helps minimize noise when scanning
  • Allows for capture of up to 4 images per document, images can be any combination of color, grayscale or bitonal and multiple resolutions of up to 300 dpi
  • Fits easily into a typical office environment
  • Saves desk space and allows it to be placed against walls
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Endorse on the way in or on the way out
  • Optional fraud deterrent measure, also includes a user replaceable stamp
  • Higher image quality, even at 200 dpi
  • Dust and debris won't cling, virtually no cleaning required
  • Better reliability and lower cost
  • Green friendly
  • Capture difficult documents (money orders, Canadian checks) without manual adjustments, automatic image rotation and much more
Unit Size
7" × 9.5" × 4"
(H x L x D)
(paper trays add 2–3 inches)
Unit Weight
3.5 lbs
Paper Size
Up to UNI A6
Document Height
Document Length
3.19"–8.97" (80–228mm)
Document Weight
16–54 lb.
(60-203 grams/sq.meters)
Standard Interface
Standard USB 2.0
Required Operating System
Windows XP
Windows Vista (32 / 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 / 64 bit)
Ubuntu 7.05
Red Hat AS - Version 5

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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