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Formax FD346 Document Folder

Formax FD346 Document Folder

Fast, dependable and easy-to-use solution for virtually all folding applications

The FD 346 Document Folder's color touchscreen control panel features internationally-recognized symbols in place of text, making it easy for anyone to use. Six popular folds are clearly marked on the fold plates for quick set-up and operation, simply slide the fold stop to the desired fold and go. Additional adjustments can be made with the fine tuning knobs at the end of each fold plate for precision folding.

No need to stand and watch over this folder: operators can load up to 500 sheets in the hopper, select their fold, press start and walk away to attend to other important tasks. The FD 346 will fold the 500 sheets in no time at all and hold the folded pieces on its patented telescoping conveyor system until they are retrieved.

The optional Multi-Sheet Feeder allows up to 4 stapled or unstapled sheets to be folded at one time through a dedicated feed system with its own side guides and skew adjustment system.

The FD 346 is capable of processing paper up to 18" in length and up to 12" in width giving it the flexibility to handle a variety of paper sizes. With its customizable jobs, operators can fold in virtually any configuration that requires only two folds. Cross folding adds to the FD 346's flexibility allowing for additional folds in a second pass.

The innovative touchscreen, simple set-up and operation make the FD 346 an ideal solution for any church, school or small business that is cost conscious but requires the easy operation, versatility and dependability of a more expensive folder.

Touchscreen Control Panel
Closed Conveyor
feed wheels
Removable Feed Wheels
fold guide
Cross-Folding Guide
Operational Features
Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use
Fast Processing: Large jobs are processed quickly at speeds of up to 15,500 pieces per hour
Drop-In Feed System: Three roller drop-in feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no fanning required
Adjustable Stacker Wheels: Stacker wheels can be manually adjusted to neatly and sequentially stack different paper sizes and fold types
Telescoping Conveyor System: Conveyor can be set between 14" (356mm) and 36" (915mm) in length and holds up to 500 folded pieces
6-Digit Resettable & 8-Digit Life Counters: Provide maximum audit control
AutoBatch Setting: Programmable to process pre-set number of sheets and stops
Folding Features
Pre-Marked for Six Standard Folds in Common Paper Sizes: Fold plates are clearly marked for 6 popular fold types in letter, legal and ledger paper sizes
Custom Folds: Fold plates can be easily adjusted for custom fold setup
Optional Dedicated Multi-Sheet Feeder: Allows for up to 4 stapled or unstapled sheets to be folded at the same time
Fine-Tune Adjustment: Precisely sets fold stops for crisp, accurate folds
Cross-Folding: A guide is included for two pass operation
Technical Features
Easy-Off Feed Wheel Shaft: Feed wheels can be changed without removing side covers
Quick Release Fold Stops: Fold settings are quickly and easily adjusted with the quick release system
Removable Roller Cover: Easily removed for improved access to fold rollers and exit area
Self Centering Side Guides: Guides move in and out together to help ensure documents are fed squarely
Paper Out & Cover Open Sensors: If the paper is out or the cover is open the folder will not run
Fault Detection: Folder automatically stops when a fault is detected, an LED lights up on the control panel to indicate the possible fault location
sheet feeder
Optional Dedicated Multi-Sheet Feeder: Allows for up to 4 stapled or unstapled sheets to be folded at the same time
Letter Fold
C fold
Half Fold
V fold
Zig Zag Fold
Z fold
Gate (Brochure) Fold
brochure fold
Double Parallel Fold
double fold
Fold Out
uneven Z fold
Up to 15,500 sheets per hour – based on 11" (279mm) Z-Fold*, 6 Settings
Hopper Capacity:
Up to 500 sheets 20# (75gsm)
Pre-Marked Folds:
C, V, Z, Gate, Fold Out and Double Parallel
Paper Sizes:
FD Model: 11", 14", 17"
FE Model: A5, A4, A3, B6, B5, B4
Paper Size (W x L):
Min: 3.5" x 5" (88.9 x 127 mm)
Max: 12.25" x 18" (311 x 457 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Closed: 33" x 20" x 19" (84 x 51 x 48 cm)
Fully Extended: 60" x 20" x 19" (152 x 51 x 48 cm)
67 lbs (30kg)
FD Model: 110VAC 50/60 Hz
FE Model: 220VAC 50/60 Hz
FD 300-20 - Multi-Sheet Feeder
Safety Certifications:
CE approved

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