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MaxxHealth Medical Document Management

Managing medical records just got easier

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Digital transformation for the healthcare industry is here now. MaxxHealth Content Management solutions have been designed specifically for Healthcare organizations. MaxxHealth makes digital transformation cost effective for any size healthcare facility. MaxxHealth makes it easy for organizations to enforce HIPAA regulations surrounding the security of records.

It is not just medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical insurance providers and long-term care facilities that must comply with HIPAA; but accounting firms, law firms, staffing agencies, billing agencies, and other associates of those who principally manage healthcare records.

All the key features that have been used by our healthcare clients have been packaged in the MaxxHealth software solution. Eliminate your information silos and become a truly connected healthcare enterprise. MaxxHealth can be deployed in all departments across the healthcare enterprise – Patient Registration, Billing, HR, Home Care, Clinical Care, Accounts Payable and many others.

MaxxVault administrators have many features and functions they can configure to customize and restrict a user's access. Some of these possible restrictions include: access to folders and documents, the ability to mark up a document, document editing, exporting, printing or deleting. Additionally, MaxxVault Enterprise keeps a complete audit trail for each document and each user.

As a secure system, users require authorized, password protected access to the MaxxHealth system. Once inside MaxxHealth, further restrictions can be enacted to allow access to only specific folders, searches, workflows and documents. Should a user have access to a document, that user can be restricted to READ ONLY or provided select permissions right up to full administrator. With over fifty different security roles to enable in each MaxxHealth user profile, it is very simple to make sure that information is used only as authorized. These roles include the ability to print, modify, mark-up, copy, delete, move, email, etc. It is even possible to redact and restrict portions of a document within MaxxHealth from one group of users while another can view the restricted areas or hidden index metadata.


Top 15 MaxxHealth Features

  1. Strong compliance and auditing tools
  2. File encryption at rest and in transit – Meets HIPAA HITECH requirements
  3. Built in reporting and quick user dashboard
  4. Redaction and auto document watermarking
  5. Secure external file sharing with MaxxSafe option
  6. Integrates will most other content management vendors for easy file sharing
  7. Integrates easily with other 3rd party medical and back office system
  8. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook
  9. Advanced Document Capture features
  10. Mobile, Browser and Desktop interface options
  11. Enterprise workflow
  12. Built in records management and contract management features
  13. E-forms and E-signature modules included in core solution
  14. Secure embedded instant messenger
  15. Auto file classification and document linking
The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH) expands the reach of HIPAA to include organizations that are business associates of those who principally manage health care records. Thus, it is not just medical clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmacies and medical insurance providers that must comply with HIPAA but accounting firms, law firms, staffing agencies, billing agencies, etc.

Moreover, while the HITECH Act expanded the reach of HIPAA compliance, it added a new wrinkle to how electronic data is stored. Under HITECH, the option must exist to encrypt the files as well for added security. MaxxHealth, like most EDMS solutions, normally stores documents in their native format. However, MaxxHealth does provide its users with a standard system option to encrypt/decrypt folders if they so choose. The 256-bit encryption never alters the original file but adds extra security at the folder level to prevent unauthorized access from outside the MaxxHealth application. MaxxVault system administrators can choose to decrypt the folder as easily as it was encrypted.

Implementing MaxxHealth is an important step in meeting the challenge of moving to easily accessible electronic medical records. With multiple levels of security, encryption, and full system auditing, a MaxxHealth system implemented to the specifications of your HIPAA compliance policy will help protect your organization from law suits and stiff government penalties.

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