Want to turn your checks into money in the bank – without going to the bank?

RDC Check

The cost of processing “electronic” payments are increasing. New credit/debit card rules are creating a resurgence in the use of paper checks.

Remote deposit is a low-cost method to process check payments without delivering checks to the bank. With remote deposit, you can scan an image of a check, send the image to your bank and see the funds added to your account more quickly.

Girard’s has many levels of Remote Deposit ranging from simple check-only processing to a full accounts receivable conversion, which includes scanning the returning remittance slips with the checks and creating a AR posting file as well as the electronic bank file.

Reduce staff time

    • No need to create a deposit ticket for the bank
    • With the full accounts receivable conversion time is reduce when entering data payment information into the accounts receivable system

Reduced transportation cost

    • Courier fees and/or trips to the bank are reduced or eliminated

Electronic deposits clear the banking system faster

    • Ensures quicker access to deposited funds
    • Faster notification of returned checks

Bank fees are generally less for electronic deposits than for physical deposits

Customer service enhanced

    • The information and images are stored and available for research
    • Images and information can be searched from any computer


    • Deposits can be made any time of the day (note: most banks have cut-off times for same day credits)
    • All departments can process their own checks
    • Deposits can be made by each department or lumped into one deposit for the organization
    • Multiple accounts can be scanned and tracked with one or multiple scanners

There are two forms of remote deposit solutions, thick or thin client. 

Thin Client - images and information is stored on a secured server maintained by the manufacture


  • Software is loaded and maintained on the manufacture's system
  • Software can be accessed from any computer

Thick Client - images and information is stored on a server maintained by the client

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