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Shear Tech DS6500 | Dater and Sequencers

Shear Tech DS6500 Automatic Document Sequencer-Date Stamper

The DS-6500 dramatically increases productivity by automating such time consuming jobs as Date Stamper, Numbering, Labeling and Stamping, where unique page identifying information is required on the top or bottom part of letter size documents.

10" H, 14 1/2" W, 16 1/2 D
Print Locations:
Location:  Top or Bottom of a page
Alignment:  Left, Center or Right side of a page
Margin:  from 0 to 3.5"  (space from left or right edge of a document to the printed information)
28 lbs.
220 VAC, .5A
120 VAC, 1A

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

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