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Formax 7104 Series Folder Inserter

The Formax 7104 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights

Formax 7104 Series Folder Inserter
FD 7104-Standard 2F

The 7104 Series processes up to 4,500 envelopes per hour (up to 5,500/hour with the optional Productivity Package), producing up to 180,000 finished pieces per month. The robust folding system folds up to 8 sheets at a time. Feeders can also be linked with a Cascade Mode to maximize output by connecting feeders filled with the same document. When one feeder empties, the next automatically starts feeding. Optional Insert Feeders are top loading making it easy to reload on-the-fly, and provide the ability to insert a variety of media, including glossy booklets.

A 22" color touchscreen interface guides operators through job programming and functions, and with unlimited programmable jobs, it's even easier to run recurring or frequently processed applications. The 7104 Series has optional Intelligent Feeders with the ability to read 1 and 2-track OMR, 1D Barcodes and 2D Data Matrix, with codes located anywhere on the document, front or back. Mechanical Double Document Detectors ensure the correct documents get into each envelope, allowing for the automatic insertion of multiple-page documents, which eliminates the tedious task of manually collating and inserting.

The Formax 7104 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights. With 3 configurations, and an optional Productivity Package, this system can meet the challenge. The modular design offers up to 8 modules with up to 17 feed stations, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 1,500 sheets. Each system is available with these standard feeder combinations: one 1,000-sheet feeder, one 500-sheet and one 1,000-sheet feeder, or three 500-sheet feeders. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 800 #10 envelopes.


22" Color Touchscreen Interface
High-Capacity Envelope Feeder
Modular Design: Flexibility to add up to 8 modules with up to 17 feed stations
Intuitive User Interface: 22" color touchscreen
Quick and Easy Setup: Automatic job setup
Programmable Jobs: Unlimited
Versatile: Inserts sets up to 6mm thick
Fast: Processes up to 5,500 envelopes per hour
Powerful Folding Capacity: Folds up to 8 sheets at a time
Fold Types: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold
Document Feeder Capacity: Standard up to 500 sheets each, high capacity up to 1,000 sheets each
Envelope Feeder Capacity: Up to 800 envelopes
Double Document Detection: Mechanical
Accumulation/Divert Deck: High-speed/capacity accumulator, divert tray
Automatic Document Measurement: Measures inserts for easier job setup and operation
Continuous Operation: Versatile Feeders are bottom-feeding for reloading on-the-fly
Glossy Paper Capability: Tower Folder and Feeder Folder can feed glossy paper
Sealing Liquid Reservoir: 10 liters, sealing up to 100,000 envelopes
Custom Cabinets: Ergonomically designed on casters for convenient moveable storage
High-Capacity Output Conveyor: Holds up to 500 filled envelopes, can be used straight-on or at 90°
Daily Mail Mode: Feed stapled or unstapled sets simply by opening the accumulator
Tower Feeder with Accumulation/Divert Deck
Full-Page Scanner

Machine Options

  • Productivity Package: Increases speed and multi-sheet accumulation speed
  • Various Modules:
    • Insert Feeders
    • Intelligent Feeders
    • Feeder Folders
    • BRE Feeder
  • Output Options:
    • Envelope Sorter/Diverter
    • Catch Tray
    • Sorter Catch Tray

Optional Intelligence Features

  • Single or Multi-Code Reading Licenses: Available for Tower Feeder and versatile feeders, able to read Single-Track OMR, Dual-Track OMR, 1D Barcode, 2D Data Matrix
  • 2-Sided Code Reading: Single or double Tower CIS scanners read both sides of the sheet for maximum compatibility, allowing for face-up or face-down sheet feeding
Speed (1-sheet, letter fold):
Up to 4,500 / 5,500* per hour
Accumulation Speed (multiple sheets):
Up to 6,900 / 9,400* per hour
Up to 17
Tower Feeder Capacity:
Standard 1F: One 1,000-sheet feeder
Standard 2F: One 500 and one 1,000-sheet feeder
Standard 3: Three 500-sheet feeders
Envelope Feeder Capacity:
Up to 800
Duty Cycle:
Up to 180,000 pieces per month
Document Size:
5.5" W x 5.5" L to 9" W x 16" L
Envelope Size:
#10, 6" x 9"
Insert/Booklet Thickness:
Up to 5/32" (4mm)
Tower Feeder w/Inserter Base: 76.5" L x 36" H x 18.5" D
Tower Feeder w/Inserter Base: Approx. 400 lbs
115 V, 50/60 Hz, 10Amp
Safety Certifications:
UL, CE, FCC certified

* Speeds with optional Productivity Pack. Paper & envelope specifications may vary. All media must be tested.

All technical data and dimensions are approximate values

Canned Air
360° Canned Air

360° canned air has a special no-frost, "SPRAY ANYWAY" valve lets you spray from any angle even upside down without frosting (expelling contents as a liquid). Gust contains 100% pure tetrafluoroethane. Non-flammable and non-ozone depleting.

With 360° canned air you can reach those hard to reach sensors without possible frosting harm to the sensors.

Envelope Sealing Solution
Envelope Sealing Solution

Envelope sealing solution increases your mailing system's productivity by enhancing the quality of envelope sealing while reducing machine downtime.

Whether high speed inserting, envelope sealing, stamp affixing or package tape dispensing, seals tight every time. Our sealing solution will activate any water activated glue adhesion to ensure positive sealing and quicken dry time to speed handling. Active ingredients fight bacteria and algae growth providing a cleaner, more productive moistening system.

Rubber Roller Cleaner
Rubber Parts Cleaner

Rubber parts cleaner restores a soft, dull tack to drive belts, platens, rollers, and other rubber parts, providing better traction and more efficient operation. Revitalizes moving rubber parts and prevents slipping.

Keeps platens from getting slick and shiny without harming sensitive rubber. Removes correction fluids too.

Clean Rags
Cleaning Rags

Low linting and soft enough for precision cleaning, yet strong enough to replace shop towels. Polybagged in packs of 50 wipes each.

Snap Swabs
Snap Swabs
(10, 25 or 50 pack)

These cleaning swabs 4.5" handle is a small tube containing Isopropyl Alcohol. When snapped, saturates the foam tip.

Cleans many surfaces, such as: scanner rails, printheads, computer keyboards and other hard surfaces

Cleaning Swabs
Cleaning Swabs
(12, 50 or 100 pack)

Ideal for removing stubborn dirt from platens, pinch rollers, seal rollers, capstans, keyboards, and more. 0.6 x 0.9" foam tip on 5.0" plastic handle.

cleaning gloves

Plastic gloves to keep your hands free from the cleaning chemicals.

Envelopes and Check Stock
Envelopes and Check Stock

Envelopes and check stock can be found in a wide variety of styles.

Need a special sized envelope? In addition to our standard mailing envelopes, we can also provide most specialized envelopes. Time to send W-2/1099's? Our envelopes for the standard W-2/1099 form work great in mailing inserters.

Your checks can be customized in many ways: check color, top or bottom check, blank checks, checks with your logo and bank information.

Our check stock has features such as simulated watermarks, micro-printed characters, and chemical alteration protection designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of duplication or alternation resulting in immeasurable savings.

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