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MX3 Touch
Maverick MX-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder

Encodes Single/Multipart Documents  ·  3 x 4 full color Touch screen  ·  Self-contained Ribbon Cartridge  ·  Standard Document Auto Eject  ·  Future Upgradeability  ·  Touch Display Interface  ·  Fixed & Variable Fields  ·  Auto Incrementing Exception Fields  ·  Full Field Encode  ·  Template (Tile) Encoding  ·  Repeat Encode  ·  Acct. # with CDV/CDG option  ·  ABA # with CDV/CDG option  ·  USB Download Capability

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Maverick MX-3 Exception Item Encoder

Compact robust encoder will meet your requirements for an accurate and reliable MICR exception item encoder  ·  Simply key the information, drop the document, and the MX-3 will encode the MICR code-line exactly to ANSI specification  ·  Program functions directly through the keyboard, snap in a ribbon, and begin encoding with minimal operator training

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Maverick MX-6 Exception Item Encoder

With minimal space requirements, this MICR encoder provides the optimal cost effective solution for exception item encoding

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Standard Register TE1914 Exception Item Encoder

Fast efficient document encoding  ·  Easily reprogrammable  ·  User-friendly design

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Standard Register TE1916 Batch Encoder

Fast efficient document encoding  ·  Easily reprogrammable  ·  Tracks checks by operator and by batch  ·  Multi-functional key pad  ·  User-friendly design

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